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Your Diary for November


The Covid situation seems to have taken a turn for the worse, so the default position remains: “It’s not going ahead”, and so it should be no surprise that we have not compiled a diary this month…again.

Don’t forget that we can all use the village website to put our dates into the community diary..... just email

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We may not Congregate.....

Due to the current COVID restrictions, we are unable to hold the normal Remembrance Day service at the war memorial on Sarratt Green on Wednesday 11th November. However the siren will be sounded at 11am to mark the start and end of the 2 minute silence and a representative from each of the four organisations (Sarratt Parish Council, the Royal British Legion, the Sarratt Scout Group and Three Rivers District Council), will be in attendance to lay a wreath.

...but we must not Forget

Track and Trace: We can all help the NHS fight Covid

Whether you're a resident or a local business where residents go, you might well be interested in the NHS Track and Trace App for your mobile phone. In fact, you probabaly should be interested...

...until we have a vaccine, most people reckon that Track and Trace is the best weapon we have.

Find out More

Create a Poster (Businesses)

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Download the App (all of us?)

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From Blitz to Pandemic

Did you reach 80 this year?

Days Charity: would anyone who has become 80 this year, or who will do so before the end of the year, please contact Carol Chorley?

Thank you

Carol Chorley
Call 265096

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Christmas Card Delivery Service

NOT what we had in mind

Sadly, 1st Sarratt has to cancel the planned
Christmas Card delivery service this year...

There is uncertainty about whether lockdown wlll be extended beyond 2 December; and whether the Scout Association will therefore allow face-to-face Scout Meetings before Christmas. We're very sorry to have to do this, but the fairest course of action to all in the village is to cancel this year's service....but we plan to be back in 2021!

Just to be clear, and in case anyone is worried, it's only the Cubs' deliveries that have been cancelled - not Christmas itself. Santa never touches anything when he visits (unless it's a mince pie laid out for him), always keeps socially distant from his reindeer, and he is completely immune to Covid19 anyway!


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The garden behind the shop is a big space which has been used for very different purposes over the years.

Given the central role the shop plays in village life we have put together a small group who wish to create a Community Garden.

This will be open for the use of the community for groups to gather, as outside space for one and all to enjoy, a space where anyone from the community can come and enjoy nature and the joys of a garden.

Volunteers are doing all the work and we will have a rota of folk coming to the garden to maintain what has been started and to nurture and work on what we grow and produce. Everybody is welcome to volunteer - tasks range from weeding to cutting hedges, from shovelling mulch to picking flowers to sell in the shop. It’s not all hard work!!!!

Twenty volunteers have spent the last couple of weeks getting all the basics sorted and the garden ready for winter hibernation. From November we will have a morning every week where everyone is welcome to come help and enjoy the space.

The garden has been brought into being with several complementary objectives in mind. Many people are feeling lonely, disconnected from others and from the earth, and are struggling with their mental as well as physical health. At the same time we are living in a time of widespread environmental degradation, with pressure on natural resources, a changing climate, and a global loss of biodiversity. Our aim is to do something rather than nothing, and, in doing so, benefit the local community and perhaps contribute to a wider societal change.

The garden will produce the most local fruit, veg and flowers possible! Not only will this cut out many hundreds of food miles, but the food grown will be rich in nutrients and as fresh as possible to benefit human health - the fresher the produce, the better it is for you. All of this will be on sale in the shop.

Growing methods
These will be wholly organic, to fit with the sustainable nature of the project. We will not be digging the soil (unless to remove tenacious weeds), with the aim of preserving and enhancing the health of the soil. One teaspoon of soil contains many billions of micro-organisms, including bacteria and fungi, as well as visible organisms such as earthworms, and these will be as much our priority as the above-ground crops. Plants form mutually beneficial relationships with these micro-organisms, so the healthier the soil, the healthier the plants! We will be adding organic matter in the form of leafmould, compost, and manure to ensure that the soil remains fertile, and we will grow green manures in any spaces that are temporarily empty. Making and spreading compost will be a regular job, as will bringing in additional mulches from outside the garden. We will be growing approximately 50% vegetables, 25% fruit, and 25% cut flowers. Flowers will also be grown specifically with pollinators in mind, and to enhance the beauty of the area.

Wider Environment
When treated well, not dug, and given carbon rich compost, the soil can become a net ‘sink’ of carbon, sequestering carbon away from the atmosphere and storing it in a stable form (eventually as humus). By prioritizing the health of our soil, we can feel confident that we are contributing a tiny amount towards reducing Sarratt’s sizeable carbon footprint, whilst also creating a fabulously productive environment for plants to grow. Plastics and non organic matter will be avoided as much as possible.

It is becoming clear that gardening is not only good for the body, but also good for the soul, and gardening in the company of other people, even more so (for reference, look at Sue Stuart Smith’s book ‘The Well gardened Mind’). This is not a therapeutic garden, but we hope it will be used as a valuable resource by anyone who feels they would benefit. That might be someone who once did a lot in their own garden, but have had to let it go, someone who has never gardened, but would like to try in a place where they will be given guidance , or someone who would like to meet local people and do something for their community. All are welcome. We just ask for respect for our way of gardening, and respect for others working in the garden.

For further information about the Community Garden, or to volunteer, please contact:

Alan Milsom (
Flo Garvey (

To donate to the project, please visit the SCCF website [Click Here] where you can donate online.
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…and After

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Pop Up Community Café 

We miss seeing you all

Holding the thought of a time when we can all gather again!

Up Team 

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Personal Paragraphs

Sarratt Rebels - a personal view
Written on Saturday 10th October

|Yvonne and I looked after our two year old grandson for a couple of hours this morning. After he had terrorised the house we decided to take him to the playground at King George V. As we approached I could see the car park was full and if I’m honest I thought “Oh no, what a pain”. We made our way to the playground and Henry hammered it round for about ten minutes until his attention was drawn to what was happening on the field. That was it, out we went, he borrowed a football and had a great time charging round. This isn’t about Henry, though, it’s about what was happening on the field. It was full of boys and girls of all ages in organised groups talking with their coaches, running drills and playing small sided games. At one point two boys (must have been about 5 yrs) sprinted up to us and one said “Excuse me, we’ve just played a game, we scored three goals and the other team scored two” after which off they went, just as quickly. Now everyone likes to win but what was striking was the pure enthusiasm of the two of them for simply being involved, their faces were shining with joy and excitement. The whole field was full of young people on task, so obviously thrilled to be playing football. Add to this the huge number of adults equally as enthusiastically working with the children and it was a wonderful sight. It looked, sounded and felt bang on. As someone who started his working life as a P.E. teacher no-one needs to explain to me the connection between physical and mental well being. There isn’t a person who hasn’t suffered in one way or another mentally during the last nine months and what was happening here was, quite literally, a breath of fresh air. I know it’s not all perfect, sometimes things go wrong like they do for all of us but any of that is massively outweighed by the advantages of what’s on offer. This isn’t run by employed staff, this is run by volunteers, just as the Scouts is and lots of other organisations are. You all do a brilliant job; today this is a shout out for Sarratt Rebels, who left an imprint on me big enough to want to write this. Great job all of you.

Peter Thorp

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Carole Tillott


On behalf of Carole Tillott’s family, I would like to thank everyone for their sympathy, good wishes and for all the lovely cards and messages. Sadly because of Covid, limiting the numbers of us who could go to the church, there were so many friends we wanted to include, even some family members, who we were unable to invite. Thank you Penny, Matthew and Michele for making a lovely service. Thank you to the people who were able to come and those who came and paid their respects as the cortege looped around the village green. Especially thanks to Carol Chorley for arranging the flag to be at half mast. What a lovely tribute you all gave Carole. If anyone wishes to make a donation in her memory please send it to New Hope Trust, Queens Road, Watford. Thank you.

Freda Sattler