Welcome to the fourth all-digital issue of Spotlight. As the days shorten noticeably, and the temperatures drop, Spotlight thanks Nick Mortimer for his image of the recent - glorious - Indian Summer.

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Holy Cross, Sarratt,
- and -
St Paul’s, Chipperfield

The Rector and Churchwardens are taking all necessary steps to ensure public worship can take place in safety and with joy for everyone. Church services are held in accordance with Government guidelines and regulations relating to public worship during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note the start times and venues for the October Services (click for more details) Everyone is welcome. Services described as ‘Family Services’ are particularly child friendly - although families are very welcome indeed to attend any of the services in our churches.

During the pandemic, numbers attending services in Holy Cross and St Paul’s need to be restricted. Please contact Sonya Tolmie, Benefice Administrator, to register to attend a service in either church.

Telephone: 01923 264377 or Email:

Please wear a mask in church and follow the directions of the sidespeople. Thank you.

For further information and for any updates in service arrangements, please see our Benefice Weekly News Sheet on the Benefice website


Our church services, or extracts from them, can be watched on our YouTube channel - for details, see the Benefice Weekly News Sheet on our website

Resources for prayers, intercessions and worship at home are available on the Church of England website
and the
Diocese of St Albans website

Also in this Issue...

"In Autumn, the geese...." as an aside from all the covid-related goings on, you might wonder where they are headed. We just hope they won't have to quarantine when they arrive.... Meanwhile, we continue to publish the pages relating to Sarratt's Covid response - until we are notified of any significant changes, that is. We live in hope....

"Never in the Field of Human Conflict...." Winston Churchill

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